One Seed Odds

UVA – 98% – With wins at UNC and Virginia Tech and only two losses, the Hoos can count on a one seed barring something truly bizarre.
Gonzaga – 95% – They were a one in the Bracket Preview and have won each game since. It would be very surprising if they don’t end up a one seed. In some ways, their biggest danger is three ACC teams being worthy of one seeds, allowing an SEC team to pass them, too.
UNC – 46% – The Heels will have to get a one if they beat Duke twice more.
Duke – 42% – They have the wins, but they go to UNC without Zion. He better come back if they want a one seed.
Tennessee – 40% – The Vols are right on the verge of a one, but they may need to beat both Kentucky and LSU to keep a one seed.
Kentucky – 38% – The Wildcats have the wins to be a one, but they’ll need to make at least the SEC final.
OTHERS – 41% combined – Michigan, LSU, Michigan State and others have a small chance to get a one seed. But none are major contenders.

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