Sunday Bracket

The team of the day on Saturday was TCU. They won at Iowa State and made their at-large prospects a whole lot better in the process.

Yesterday’s Bracket Preview from the NCAA gave us all a glimpse into the committee’s thought process. 15 of the 16 teams I had were in there. The only one I missed was I had Villanova sixteenth overall, while the committee had them seventeenth. So, we seem to be mostly on the same page.

My biggest takeaways were:

-This committee is heavily reliant on the eye test. Gonzaga, Nevada, and Purdue were all just a little higher than their resumes would have them, while Houston and Michigan were lower. This committee will seed from the gut, it seems.

-Duke will be a number one seed. They entered the Virginia game first overall and left Charlottesville with a ten-point win. They’ll land on the top line, even if they drop a few.

-Speaking of Virginia, they were at three overall entering yesterday’s home loss. A strong win by Kentucky moves them ahead of UVA onto the one line in my bracket already.

-The committee is not crazy about Big XII-leading Kansas State. They were not amongst the five seeds that just missed out on the top 16.


1 Duke
16 Norfolk St / Robert Morris

8 Baylor
9 Ohio State

5 Wisconsin
12 Butler / UCF

4 Iowa State
13 New Mexico St

6 Virginia Tech
11 Indiana

3 Marquette
14 Texas St

7 Auburn
10 St John’s

2 Michigan
15 S Dakota St


1 Kentucky
16 Sam Houston St

8 Buffalo
9 Texas

5 Kansas State
12 Seton Hall / Temple

4 Nevada
13 Yale

6 Iowa
11 Alabama

3 Kansas
14 UC Irvine

7 Mississippi State
10 Oklahoma

2 North Carolina
15 Loyola-Chicago


1 Tennessee
16 Monmouth / Prairie View A&M

9 Wofford

12 Belmont

4 Texas Tech
13 Old Dominion

6 Florida St
11 VCU

3 Purdue
14 Radford

7 Cincinnati
10 Minnesota

2 Virginia
15 Bucknell


1 Gonzaga
16 Northern Kentucky

8 Syracuse
9 Ole Miss

5 Villanova
12 Arizona St

4 Louisville
13 Hofstra

6 Maryland
11 Clemson

3 Houston
14 Vermont

7 Washington
10 Lipscomb

2 Michigan St
15 Montana

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