Selection Sunday Morning Bracket

It’s finally here. It’s Selection Sunday! You can listen to the Selection Sunday Bracket Talk podcast using the Bracket Talk link in the right.

Below is the bracket entering the day. There still may be some minor changes before the Selection Show, but this is pretty much it.

St Mary’s, Louisville, St Bonaventure, and Creighton In:

My projected First Four has a surprise: Louisville is in. I know that is a really unpopular opinion amongst bracketologists, but the resume isn’t all that bad once you really delve into it. They have three Quadrant One road victories, two of which are against teams expected to be in the field (Virginia Tech and Florida State). And while they do have a home loss to Syracuse, every other loss has been to a sure NCAA team. Selection Chair Bruce Rasmussen has spoken about how he doesn’t think teams get enough credit for winning the games they are supposed to. Well, nobody did a better job of that than the Cards. And in a selection process that looks more and more at advanced metrics, all three team sheet advanced metrics have them among the best 36 teams in the country (not even counting auto bids).

St Mary’s also sneaks in as the last team in the field if Davidson loses to Rhode Island. As much as I dislike this profile, they only lost five games and they won at Gonzaga. Advanced metrics also like them a lot and they have a star player (Londale).

I’m very hesitant with these picks because the number of quality wins aren’t there in comparison with Marquette and Arizona State (the other two teams I have right on the cutline). But at the end of the day, I am confident Louisville and St Mary’s are better basketball teams than Marquette and Arizona State. The committee takes their charge very seriously, and that’s why I am calling for an upset – both Marquette and Arizona State miss.


1 Virginia
16 Penn

8 Kansas St
9 Butler

5 Houston
12 South Dakota St

4 Texas Tech
13 Murray St

6 Ohio State
11 St Bonaventure / Creighton

3 Tennessee
14 SF Austin

7 Seton Hall
10 NC State

2 Cincinnati


1 Xavier
16 NC Central / Long Island

8 Virginia Tech
9 Oklahoma

5 Gonzaga
12 New Mexico St

4 Arizona
13 Marshall

6 Arkansas
11 St Mary’s / Louisville

3 Michigan State
14 Wright State


2 Purdue
15 Lipscomb


1 Villanova
16 Texas Southern / Radford

8 Nevada
9 Florida State

5 Clemson
12 Buffalo

4 West Virginia
13 Charleston

6 Florida
11 USC

3 Michigan
14 Montana

7 Texas A&M
10 Texas

2 North Carolina
15 UT Arlington


1 Kansas
16 Cal State Fullerton

8 Missouri
9 Providence

5 Kentucky
12 San Diego State

4 Wichita State
13 UNC Greensboro

6 Miami
11 Loyola-Chicago

3 Auburn
14 Bucknell

7 Rhode Island
10 Alabama

2 Duke
15 Iona

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