Friday Bracket

Auburn vs Purdue for the one line:

All indications from the selection committee on Sunday were that the four one seeds, including overall four Purdue, were “solid.” But things can change quickly, and Auburn adding a win over Kentucky gave the Tigers a very strong argument for the one line, as they were able to best Purdue in strength of schedule, number of losses, and Quadrant 1 wins, while matching the Boilermakers’ 11 total Quadrant 1 and 2 wins. But last night’s loss by Purdue to Wisconsin seals it. The Boilermakers drop from the one line and Auburn moves up.

A Strong Bubble:

It seems every year now, the media starts talking about how weak the bubble is. This year, the cutline looks like a monster. Look at some of the teams hovering on the bubble: Virginia Tech (four Quadrant 1 wins, including at Virginia), NC State (five Quadrant 1 wins, including at UNC), Kansas State (four Quadrant wins and four Quadrant 2 wins), Texas (five Quadrant 1 wins), Washington (five Quadrant 1 wins), and LSU (five Quadrant 1 wins). A plethora of quality wins are there for bubble teams and that usually isn’t the case. We are likely going to see at least three teams with 5 or more Quadrant 1 wins get their bubble popped on Selection Sunday, and it is rare to see teams with those kind of quality wins headed to the NIT.

West Virginia replaces Oklahoma on the four line:

Losing at Texas Tech isn’t a bad loss for Oklahoma, but they were already the worst-rated four seed by the committee on Sunday. Meanwhile, West Virginia is now at six Quadrant 1 wins, rather than the five they had on Sunday. With a season sweep of Oklahoma, the Mountaineers replace their Big XII brethren as the sixteenth overall seed in the bracket.


1 Virginia
16 Penn / Ark Pine Bluff

8 Arkansas
9 Michigan

5 Oklahoma
12 Middle Tennessee

4 Tennessee
13 Charleston

6 Wichita St
11 Louisville/ St Bonaventure

3 Michigan State
14 Murray St

7 Arizona State
10 Kansas State

2 Cincinnati
15 Northern KY


1 Auburn

8 Seton Hall
9 Nevada

5 Texas A&M
12 New Mexico St

4 Arizona
13 S Dakota St

6 Kentucky
11 Washington

3 N Carolina

7 Providence
10 Virginia Tech

2 Kansas
15 Montana


1 Villanova
16 Wagner

8 Florida State
9 Houston

5 Missouri
12 Loyola-Chicago

4 Ohio State
13 Vermont

6 Alabama
11 NC State / UCLA

3 Texas Tech

7 Creighton
10 St Mary’s

2 Duke
15 UNC Asheville


1 Xavier
16 Nicholls St / NC A&T

9 Florida

5 Rhode Island
12 Buffalo

4 West Virginia
13 Louisiana

6 Gonzaga
11 Texas

3 Clemson
14 Rider

7 Miami
10 Butler

2 Purdue
15 Bucknell

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