Friday Bracket / Thoughts


Arizona is up to a three:

The Pac-12 leading Wildcats have gone from a three-game losing streak in the Bahamas to a three seed in the bracket.  Here is a look at the resume they got them there (available at Warren Nolan):

While there are only two Group One wins, they have zero bad losses, only four overall losses, five Group Two wins, and only four games against Group Four teams.

New Mexico State’s Spot in the Bracket:

Talking about an automatic qualifier 12 seed is a bit off the beaten path, but it’s worth it for a quick look at New Mexico State’s at-large chances.

On the one hand, they only have one win against Group One or Two teams.  That seems like a sure way to have no shot at an at-large bid.  But they are 8-1 against Group 3 and they have a win over Miami on a neutral floor.  While a home loss to San Diego definitely hurts, there is no shame in losing to St Mary’s or USC away from home.  In addition, Utah Valley is within striking range of a spot in the RPI top 75. That means there is a slim chance NMSU’s home win over Utah Valley becomes a Group Two win and their upcoming road game against Utah Valley could become a Group One win.  It’s an uphill battle, but if NMSU can go unbeaten in WAC play before losing in the conference tournament, then they’ll get a serious look.


1 Villanova
16 Bethune Cookman / Nicholls St

8 Florida St
9 Alabama

5 Ohio St
12 Buffalo

4 Texas Tech

6 Kentucky
11 Houston

14 William and Mary

7 Creighton
10 Kansas St

2 Auburn
15 Canisius


1 Purdue
16 Arkansas Pine Bluff / FGCU

8 Arkansas

12 New Mexico St

4 Cincinnati
13 Belmont

6 Florida
11 Syracuse

3 Clemson
14 Hawaii

7 Nevada
10 Washington

2 Oklahoma
15 Montana


1 Duke
16 Radford

8 Texas
9 Providence

5 Seton Hall
12 Vermont

4 Tennessee
13 Louisiana

6 Louisville
11 Marquette / Missouri

3 Arizona
14 Wright St

7 Arizona St
10 Gonzaga

2 Kansas
15 Bucknell


1 Virginia
16 Wagner

8 Michigan
9 Texas A&M

5 Miami
12 Loyola-Chicago

4 Michigan St
13 Old Dominion

6 Wichita St
11 Butler / S Carolina

3 West VA
14 S Dakota

7 Rhode Island
10 St Mary’s

2 Xavier
15 Penn

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