Friday Bracket / Thoughts

Three-loss Kansas to the One Line:

Kansas is universally regarded as having a down year. Yet the Jayhawks find themselves fourth overall following a huge road win at West Virginia. The Hawks are in sole possession of first in the top conference in the country, they have four wins away from home over the RPI top 40, and their nine Group 1/2 wins are as many as any team has. We cannot ignore the difficulties or the losses, but we have to recognize a great resume that now has an elite true road win to go along with it. As hard as it is to not put one-loss Virginia on the one line, the Cavaliers simply are not in the same ballpark as the Jayhawks when it comes to quality wins.

Ohio State is a four seed:

Did anyone think Ohio State would be racing towards a Big Ten Championship? Even now, it seems a little far-fetched. But the Buckeyes really seem to be coming together, and they are tied atop the Big Ten with Purdue at 7-0. They have a blowout victory over Michigan State to go with five Group 2 victories. It may not be the strongest resume out there, but it is good enough to land the last four seed. And that’s pretty great for year one of a rebuild.


1 Villanova
16 FGCU / NC A&T

8 Missouri
9 Florida St

5 Tennessee

4 Ohio State
13 Vermont

6 Miami
11 Butler

3 West Virginia
14 William and Mary

7 Florida
10 Providence

15 Penn


1 Kansas
16 Jackson State / Nicholls St

8 Nevada
9 Arkansas

12 Buffalo

4 Arizona
13 Wright St

6 Louisville
11 St Bonaventure / USC

3 Clemson
14 Montana

7 Michigan St
10 Washington

2 Xavier
15 CS Fullerton


1 Duke
16 Robert Morris

8 Texas
9 Texas A&M

5 Arizona St
12 New Mexico St

4 Seton Hall
13 S Dakota St

6 Wichita St
11 Gonzaga / Syracuse

3 Auburn
14 Louisiana

7 Michigan
10 Marquette

2 Oklahoma
15 Radford


1 Purdue
16 Iona

8 St Mary’s
9 Alabama

5 Creighton
12 Loyola-Chicago

4 Cincinnati

6 Kentucky
11 SMU

3 Texas Tech
14 Murray State

7 Rhode Island
10 Georgia

2 Virginia
15 Bucknell

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