Surprising Profiles

Below are three resumes that might surprise people.


The Cards have a strong 11-3 record and they’ve played the 44th best schedule in the country, but there is nothing in this profile.  The highest-rated team they’ve beaten?  Southern Illinois (136th) at home.  Louisville has a good squad, but they better start winning some big games if they want a dance ticket.


While Louisville’s resume is surprisingly hollow, Kansas’s is surprisingly strong. The Jayhawks have been limping along this season, falling to Washington, Arizona State, and Texas Tech at home.  That would’ve been truly unthinkable prior to the season.  Despite that, the Jayhawks have three wins against Group 1 teams and two more against Group 2 teams, in addition to stellar SOS numbers (7th overall and 17th in OOC play).  While a loss to TCU tomorrow night could potentially spell doom for Kansas’s Big XII Championship streak, their resume would still be in solid shape.


Auburn is better than people expected, but do people know their resume looks like they belong towards the top of the bracket?  Look at that team sheet.  Three Group 1 wins, two more Group 2 wins, and only one loss (which is against a Group 1 squad). The teams they’ve beaten might not have excellent name cache, but that resume is too strong to be ignored. If Auburn beats Arkansas on Saturday, they’ll be a protected seed in my next bracket. Who would’ve guessed that back in November?

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