12/21 Bracket

Wow! UNC losing at home to Wofford was a shocker. It becomes Wofford’s only win against a team in the top 235 of the RPI. In fact, Furman stays at the Southern auto bid in this bracket, even though this win almost forced Wofford to take their spot. This loss was a true home game for UNC, so this will really hurt on Selection Sunday. Despite that, UNC only moves down to a three thanks to four Group 1 victories.

Purdue and Kansas sit at two seeds despite some struggles. Purdue owns four Group One wins and Kansas owns three. Perhaps more importantly, they’re probably just plain better than Miami, the other team considered for a two (who has nothing even remotely noteworthy besides a win at Minnesota and a neutral court win against La Salle).

60% of the Big XII is ranked. Unfortunately for them, the league has played too many games against teams like Southern, Omaha, and Maryland Eastern Shore for the RPI to accurately reflect how good the league is. Expect the Big XII to land around seven bids, but that might not be doing the league justice, as there is no reason outside of schedule strength that teams like Kansas State and Baylor find themselves with a triple-digit RPI.  In reality, these are both probably top 40 teams.

Xavier’s record and ranking makes you think they should be a two or three seed. But they find themselves down at four thanks to some close calls with mediocre competition and zero wins against the RPI top 60.

My current predictions:


1 Duke
16 Liberty / Navy

8 Baylor
9 Temple

5 Missouri
12 Towson

4 Xavier
13 Bradley

6 Seton Hall
11 Texas

3 Kentucky
14 Central Michigan

7 Auburn
10 BYU

2 West VA
15 Iona


1 Arizona State
16 NC A&T / Jacksonville State

8 Gonzaga
9 Creighton

5 Syracuse

4 Arkansas
13 N Mex St

6 Texas Tech
11 Rhode Island / Boise St

3 Purdue
14 Lipscomb

7 Cincinnati
10 Minnesota

2 Kansas
15 Louisiana


1 Michigan State
16 Penn

8 Nevada
9 Florida St

5 Tennessee
12 Boston College / No. Iowa


6 Arizona
11 Butler

3 Miami
14 Milwaukee

7 Iowa State
10 Louisville

2 Texas A&M
15 Wagner


1 Villanova
16 Idaho

8 Michigan
9 Alabama

5 Wichita State
12 Stephen F Austin

4 Virginia
13 S Dakota

6 Clemson
11 Saint Bonaventure

3 Oklahoma
14 Albany

7 St John’s
10 Houston

2 Purdue
15 Furman

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