Sunday Bracket

Some big bracket moves this week:

-Trae Young is the rare freshman who exceeds the hype. After winning at Wichita State, it’s time for OU to be mentioned as a Big XII title contender and for Young to be mentioned as a Wooden POY candidate.  They are up to a three.

-Syracuse got an overtime win to knock rival Georgetown from the unbeaten ranks.  For the one-loss Orange, they still find themselves back at a six seed after failing to win any Tier One games (falling in Miami to Kansas in their only Tier 1 or 2 game).

-Baylor is still down at an eight seed.  Frankly, they are lucky to be in that position. A win over Creighton is about the only thing they have going for them right now.

-Kansas doesn’t look like a two seed, but a one point victory over Nebraska on the road gives them a third Tier 1 win.  If they land both Preston and De Sousa onto the roster, they’ll be a threat to gain a one seed. If they don’t, this could be KU’s worst seed since 2000 (the last time they weren’t a top four seed).


1 Duke
16 Liberty / Navy

8 Baylor
9 Auburn

5 Wichita State

4 Xavier
13 Lipscomb

6 St John’s
11 Texas / UCF

3 Kentucky
14 Wagner

7 Clemson
10 UNI

2 West VA
15 Iona


1 Arizona State
16 N Kentucky

8 Boise St
9 Creighton

5 Arizona

13 SFA

6 Texas Tech
11 Alabama

3 Purdue
14 New Mexico St

7 Iowa State
10 Butler

15 Louisiana


1 Michigan State
16 NC A&T / Albany

8 Cincinnati
9 Louisville

5 Seton Hall
12 Towson

4 Tennessee
13 Loyola-Chicago

6 Missouri
11 Rhode Island

3 Miami
14 S Dakota

7 Nevada
10 BYU

2 Kansas
15 Murray St


1 Villanova
16 Furman

8 Gonzaga
9 Minnesota

5 Arkansas
12 St Bonaventure

4 Virginia
13 Portland St

6 Syracuse
11 South Carolina / Ohio State

3 Oklahoma
14 Penn

7 Michigan
10 Florida State

2 Texas A&M
15 Akron


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