One Seed Picture

The NCAA revealed yesterday that the PAC-12 and ACC Championships impacted the one seed race.

Based on that, I am adjusting my one seed Picture.  I still believe Villanova, Kansas, and UNC deserve one seeds.  That said, who was still alive based on those two title games impacting the bracket? I’m guessing Oregon and Duke were still in play, while Gonzaga would get a one if both Oregon and Duke lost (based on head-to-head over Arizona).

So, my one seeds will be:

Villanova in the East, Kansas in the Midwest, Duke in the South, and North Carolina in the West.

Gonzaga is the two in the West, Arizona the two in the Midwest, Kentucky the two in the South, and Oregon the two in the East.

I will reveal more of my picks as the day progresses, as I work through everything.

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