Bracket Reaction

What the committee got right:

SMU a six – Both the committee I recognized that 30-4 doesn’t mean much with only two top 50 wins.  Like the committee, I slotted them at a six despite public pressure.

Wichita State a double-digit seed – There were calls for them to be as high as a five.  But losing to Michigan State and Oklahoma State doesn’t merit anything better than a double-digit seed.

Kansas State, USC, and Wake Forest in – The committee and I had the same 68 teams.  All three of the teams mentioned here were in the First Four in my bracket and the committee’s. What separates them from the teams that didn’t make it is they won games against top seeds (Baylor, West Virginia, UCLA, and Louisville) AND they took care of business against bad teams. That cannot be said for Syracuse, Iowa, and Illinois State.

What the committee got wrong:

Northwestern an eight – What exactly did Northwestern do to deserve an eight? They didn’t once beat a great team the whole year, and teams who were seeded worse did (Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, etc.).

-Iowa State in the Midwest – The committee didn’t have to put Iowa State in the same region as one seed Kansas. Instead, they set them up for a Sweet Sixteen matchup.  While that isn’t against the rules per se, it was an unnecessary move that the committee shouldn’t have made.  This is a national tournament.  We want to see different teams playing, and not just conference matchups.

Wisconsin an eight – You’re telling me Wisconsin and Northwestern were both eights? How could someone watch the Big Ten (or the game between the two yesterday) and think those teams should get the same seed?  I had Wisconsin at a seven, but a strong seven.  Dropping to an eight is unfair to them, Virginia Tech, and Villanova.

All in all, though, there is not much to complain about this year.  The committee did well.

And for those wondering, I selected 68 of 68 teams correctly, and only Northwestern was off by more than one line.  Thanks all of you for following.

Also, if you’re wondering, Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and North Carolina are my Final Four picks.

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