Bracket Reactions & New Bracket

Well, I ended up beating Shelby (of Bracket WAG) in our early release competition all because I had Butler at a four seed, and he had them at five.  That said, I had West Virginia at a six instead of a four so I kind of lucked into the victory considering he had them at a closer five seed. He also nailed Oregon at a two whereas I had them at a three.


-The committee likes the Big XII.  The efficiency metrics will tell you it is the Big XII, and not the ACC, that is America’s best league. And the committee seemed to hold the league in high regard. I had Kansas and Baylor at two and three overall, like the committee. But I had WVU all the way down at a six.  The committee putting them at four shows the Big XII gauntlet is getting respect, which is great news for the Iowa State, K-State, TCU, and Oklahoma State crowds.

-The Big Ten isn’t very strong this year, and the committee recognizes that.  Michigan State, Minnesota, and Northwestern are good teams.  But without something more in non-conference play, Wisconsin and Purdue aren’t worthy of the top two lines and won’t be getting there.

-The SEC has two three seeds (Florida and Kentucky).   That is a good sign for teams like Tennessee and Arkansas that are hoping to make the field.

And now, the new bracket:


1 Villanova
16 Weber State / Mt St Mary’s

8 Oklahoma State
9 Virginia Tech

5 Purdue
12 UNC-Wilmington

13 Vermont

6 Cincinnati
11 Mid Tennessee

3 Kentucky
14 UNC-Asheville

10 Tennessee

2 Louisville
15 Furman


1 Gonzaga
16 NC Central / UC Davis

8 Iowa St
9 Cal

5 Creighton
12 Nevada

4 West Virginia
13 New Mexico St

6 Xavier
11 Michigan

3 Virginia
14 Valpo

10 Wake Forest

2 Oregon
15 Bucknell


1 Baylor
16 New Orleans

9 Michigan State

5 Notre Dame
12 Wichita State

4 Butler
13 Belmont

6 Maryland
11 Seton Hall / Syracuse

3 Florida
14 Arkansas State

7 Dayton
10 TCU



1 Kansas
16 TX Southern

8 Northwestern
9 Saint Mary’s

5 Wisconsin
12 Akron

4 Duke
13 Monmouth

6 South Carolina
11 Miami / Georgia Tech

3 Arizona
14 Princeton

7 Minnesota
10 Kansas State

2 Florida State
15 N Dakota St

NEXT TEAM OUT: Georgetown

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