Pre-Top 16 Bracket

Tomorrow, the selection committee will unveil their current top 16 seeds. My good friend, Shelby Mast of USA Today bracketology fame, and I are conducting a friendly competition to see who can better predict the committee’s top 16 seeds. The scoring system is three points for having a team in the top 16, three points for exact seed, and one point for a line off.

Here is what I expect the top four seeds to look like:

1 – Villanova, Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga

2 – UNC, Florida State, Virginia, Louisville

3 – Arizona, Duke, Oregon, UCLA

4 – Florida, Kentucky, Butler, Wisconsin

And now for the full bracket:


1 Villanova
16 Weber State / Mt St Mary’s

9 Virginia Tech

5 Xavier
12 UNC-Wilmington

4 Wisconsin
13 Vermont

6 Maryland
11 Miami FL

3 Duke
14 UNC-Asheville

7 Minnesota
10 California

2 North Carolina
15 Furman


1 Gonzaga
16 NC Central / UC Davis

8 Oklahoma St
9 Seton Hall

5 Purdue
12 Nevada

4 Butler
13 New Mexico St

6 Saint Mary’s
11 Michigan / GA Tech

3 Arizona
14 Valpo

10 Michigan State

2 Virginia
15 Bucknell


1 Baylor
16 New Orleans

8 Dayton
9 Tennessee

5 Cincinnati
12 Wichita State

4 Kentucky
13 Belmont

6 W. Virginia
11 Clemson / Syracuse

3 Oregon
14 Arkansas State

10 Iowa State

2 Florida State


1 Kansas
16 TX Southern

9 Northwestern

5 Creighton
12 Akron

4 Florida
13 Monmouth

6 Notre Dame
11 Mid Tennessee

14 Princeton

7 South Carolina
10 Kansas State

2 Louisville
15 N Dakota St

What I’m Watching For Tomorrow:

-Where is Gonzaga ranked among the one seeds? I feel confident the Zags will get a one seed, but they couldn’t be ranked anywhere from one to four. If it’s four, they likely can’t stay a one seed if they lose a game.

-How are the top of the SEC and Pac-12 being compared? Florida and Kentucky have better metrics, but UCLA won at U.K. and the PAC-12 teams are finally healthy. By the narrowest of margins, I decided on Oregon and UCLA for three seeds over the two SEC schools. We will see what the committee says.

-Is West Virginia included? If so, expect a bump for Big XII teams.

-If Butler isn’t a top 16 seed, then the Big East probably isn’t very highly thought of by the committee.


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