The At-Large Picture

It’s officially after Christmas, which means bowl season is in high gear and conference play is about to get started for most teams.

It’s still early, but there are twenty teams across the country that we can anticipate will make the field based on a combination of how good they are and how solid their existing resume is. I’ll be shocked if more than 1 or 2 of these teams are on the bubble come Selection Sunday.


ACC – Duke, UNC, Louisville, Virginia (4)

BIG EAST – Villanova, Butler, Xavier, Creighton (4)

BIG TEN – Purdue, Indiana, Wisconsin (3)

BIG XII – Kansas, Baylor, West Virginia (3)

PAC-12 – UCLA, Oregon (2)

SEC – Kentucky, Florida (2)

WCC – Gonzaga, St Mary’s (2)


To the rest of the country… get ready for a rocky four months ahead, because your team is no shoo-in, even if they’re ranked (like Florida State or Cincinnati) or highly efficient (Arizona or Clemson).






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