Surprisingly Bad Resumes


Indiana – Everyone knows the Hoosiers have wins against Kansas and UNC. But how many know their next best win is home to Houston Baptist? There is no excuse for a blueblood to be playing so many sub-200 RPI teams. Quite frankly, it shows a complete disregard for their own NCAA seeding. Their RPI will certainly improve. But it’s currently at 99, which is absurdly bad for a team as good as this one.

West Virginia – The Mountaineers have a road win at Virginia and a neutral court shellacking of Illinois, but the rest of the non-league schedule is pretty tame, leading to an RPI of 44.

Cincinnati – The overall non-conference slate isn’t bad, but Texas Southern and Penn State are the only top 100 wins. These Bearcats are going to have a hard time making the tournament if they can’t pick up a couple top 50 wins in the AAC.

Wisconsin– Did you know the Badgers have played six sub-200 teams, have no top 50 wins, and have just one win over a top 100 team?  The Badgers aren’t looking as hot as most think.



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