The Wichita State Issue

So, I’m not usually a fan of blind resumes because the committee doesn’t look at blind resumes. They look at resumes where every team’s name is there. So they know exactly who they are dealing with. But let’s take a second to look at Wichita State’s resume:

1-5 vs. RPI top 89

4-2 vs. RPI 90-105

19-0 vs. RPI 106+ and D2

For a second, let’s pretend that resume belongs to UC Santa Barbara.  Do you think the committee gives them much at-large consideration? No? Me, neither.

WSU’s at-large hopes are resting on a forgiving committee, and history shows us the committee usually isn’t very forgiving to mid-majors. I don’t think it’s right, but a very good WSU received a seven seed last year for a lack of quality wins.

Even if you think WSU lost some games they otherwise wouldn’t have early in the year because of Fred Van Vleet’s injury, they still only have one impressive win.  And they still lost two games in MVC play when Van Vleet was healthy.

If WSU had lost to Loyola today, they would’ve missed the tournament, in my opinion.  I know most bracketologists think WSU is safe, but I don’t.  If they don’t win the Missouri Valley, they better beat Northern Iowa in the semis and lose to Evansville in the final.  Any other result will likely doom them.  And even that might not be enough.



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